Jun 8, 2009

How to get traffic from Twitter ?

Twitter is fast becoming one of the most popular and favoured micro blogging sites to get instant traffic to one's site. I call Twitter as Micro Blogging network/Application because the number of characters per message is limited to 140(referred to as tweets) but the good thing being that you can send as many tweets per day as you want. Twitter is based on the idea of spontaneity and regularity. Here you can share What is on your mind with others and reply to their thoughts.

The best feature about twitter is its simplicity as compared to other similar services. Sending a mail to your friends that you have brought a new PS3 will be considered as spam, but sending a tweet on same topic will grab attention of your friends.

Twitter is a place to hang out with your friends and followers and to build up your own community with like minded people and to turn a few of them into your loyal subscribers.

There are few rules which need to be followed in order to get traffic from twitter. The most important of them being that you need to be actively involved in the community and make significant contribution towards it. If only thing that you intend to do is to promote yourself and your website, you will end up being ignored by the community. Here you need to follow people in order to get them to follow you. The more followers you have the more traffic you can expect to your website.

Another important aspect which is being ignored by most is that you need to reply to others. Be involved , when you participate in conversations you may get a reply to your posts or tweets and subsequently a visit to your blog. When others reply to your tweets, their followers are able to see it and thus your site will be exposed to large audience. This will help spread your site's popularity virally and hence your success.It is therefore very essential to take part in as many contributions as possible.

You can also send your RSS feed to twitter automatically using Twitterfeed. This means that even if you don't update manually your readers will know about your new post. Be cautious not to be tagged as a spammer on Twitter. If you are only posting tweets about your blog updates you will be labelled as spammer. You must strike a right balance between promoting your site and getting involved in lot of healthy community discussions.

Last but not the least, there are lot of cool twitter widgets that you can use on your site. This helps your readers get your updates directly on your blog and can join you as a follower directly from your own website. Thus your site and social media can work together and help each other;

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