Apr 16, 2011

How to identfy Original Nokia phone?

Identifying the originals for Nokia phone is very difficult in these days. So, this article will help you to recognize the original Nokia phone when you are going to buy one.
Press the following in your mobile *#06# and the serial number will be appear on the display. Then check the 7th and 8th numbers.

02 or 20 - United Arab Emirates (bad quality)
08 or 80 - Germany (fair quality)
13          - Azerbaijan (bad quality)
03 or 30 - Korea
04 or 40 - China
05 or 50 - Brazil, USA
01 or 10 - Finland (very good quality)
00          - Original Nokia factory (best quality)

Other numbers means its assembled in some where else. Originals represents from the numbers of 00, 01,10.
Best regard for your Nokia phone!;

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