Jul 30, 2009

EnSiTip- English Sinhala PopUp Dictionary

I have a good news for you! About “EnSiTip”. It’s a plugin for translating English words to Sinhala compatible with your Firefox web browser only.
They introduce it as a “English-Sinhala-PopUp Dictionary”. Yes it’s the best and very useful plugin for me! It’s help me to understand the correct meaning of any English word in Sinhala. I don’t need to open my Dictionary either. Move your mouse pointer to the word and know the meaning.

EnSiTip is developing by “Language Technology Research Laboratory, University of Colombo School of Computing”. I wish them good luck for their work!

Download the EnSiTip 2.0.0 from Mozilla addons

Do you want to know how to use EnSiTip correctly? Click here

After you completed your installation to your Firefox web browser, restart it! Surf the Internet better!

If there is not showing you the Sinhala meaning, you have to install Sinhala kit for XP. You can download it from here!

Good luck!


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