Jul 27, 2009

A new way to hide your Folders

Usually, you know how to hide a folder by using “Folder Options”. But anyone can search for your hidden folders. if someone does, they will appear. My method is the best way to hide a folder! You can use a software for this. But we can use this method without a software.
First, right click on your folder that you are going to hide and select Properties.
Go to “Customize” tab. And click on the “Change Icon” tab.

It will appear a small dialog box with icons, then you can see blank spaces between icons.
Click one of blank spaces and click “OK” and click “OK” again.
Then your folder is not a visible folder any more. Rename your folder with a small title (eg: you can use numbers or comma “,” but you can’t use full stop “.” for it)

Good luck!;

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