Oct 12, 2009

Convert Your PDF Files in to Word Files

Hi, you can convert your PDF files in to MS Word files in seconds and free! If you want edit a PDF file you couldn't do it. So, you have to convert in to editable mode (MS Word document).
This service is providing by online but it is totally free.
I have found some sites providing that kind free online service. In these sites you have to upload your PDF file then they will convert it to MS Word document.
No sign ups! And totally free!

1. PDF Online

Select your PDF file by click on "Browse" tab and upload it by clicking on "Upload and Convert" tab. After some time it will provide you a link to save your MS Word document. Then save it.
That's all!

2. PDF to Word

At step 1 select your PDF file. Step 2 select .DOC and provide your email address at step 3. Then go to your mail box. You have received your converted document by an email. Congrats!;


  1. Good dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

  2. Thanks & it's my pleasure to help you!


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