Oct 24, 2009

Lockerz- Earn Free Gifts!

Lockerz is a site that you can earn free Stuff easily! You need to earn points (PTZ) by logging to your account daily, adding your comments, playing their cool games, watching exclusive videos, listen to music and referring others.
You can use your PTZ for redeem your gift. It can be a laptop, ipod, digital camera or anything you dreamed. They will deliver your gift at your door step for free!

These are the Proofs:
Click on them for a large view

Yeah, you can get free ipods, iphones, digital cameras, laptops, USB flash drives, PSP, WII, Portable DVD players, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3 Game System, LCD HD TV & many more.

Do you want these gifts for free? I know you will say YES! So, don't be late to be a member. Ask for your FREE LOCKERZ INVITATION right now!

You have to Contact me to get an Invitation, fill this form and post it to me or write comment for that!
Enter your valid e-mail address!!

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  1. send me one to


  2. i've sent you email..need your invitation..

    please visit my blog too..lets do link exchange :)


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