Feb 5, 2010


KODU is a free program for making PC games introducing by Microsoft. This is a special programming language.
You can download beta version of this program for your Windows PC or XBox 360 game controller free from

This is a Visual Programming Language specially design for kids, but adults can also use it. You have not to write codes in here. Only to do move icons and do your job at there. It is very easy to use. These icons represent high commands and you can create a nice game through this program. KODU introduces 20 characters with various kinds of abilities and nice backgrounds for your game.
KODU designed by Microsoft Research year ago. They released this program to try out people who working with Microsoft Research first of all and now that chance is came for us!

We have to thank Mathew MacLaurin, the creator of KODU for creating this wonderful program for us. Mathew MacLaurin is a Director at Microsoft Research and created another programming language called LOGO in 1967.;

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