Feb 12, 2010


I have infected by Mahasona.exe. It happened through my flash drive. sadI gave it to my Audit sir to fill it some important documents. When I plug in to my PC it detects by MSE(Microsoft Security Essentials). But somehow it infected to my system also. I removed Mahasona from my system successfully by using MSE.big grin
Yes! MSE can detects it!

Don't afraid Mahasona rolling on the floorany more! You can use MSE for it!
MSE report....

You can use following tips also to remove Mahasona.
Open your Task Manager(press Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and find "explorar.exe" in processes tab(Keep it in mind not explorer.exe)>
Select it and click on End Process>
Go to Run in Start Menu and type C:\Windows>
And find there "autofrun.inf" not autorun.inf (If it is not there it may be hidden, go to folder options in cpanel and select Show hidden files and folders) and delete it>
Go to System32 folder in Windows, search for "explorar.exe" and delete it.
That's all, you are safe now!

You can use this link for additional info to defeat Mahasona,;


  1. Thanks! It was helped for me!

  2. Thanks for the info!

  3. Good one, Thanks a lot...

  4. hik hik..>!>>.>!>>...!! what can diz code to dooOOooo!!!...>!>!>> every 2 weekz upgrade mahasona karnel, you cAn remove older version on mahasona. but newest is out in every 2 or 3 weekz..!! can U fight with new version of mahasona..>>!..1.>>>...>!>

    hik hik...>!!

  5. :D Mahasona had commented on here!


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